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  1. by eric walen

    Your work is very exciting

    • Meton Atopik by Meton Atopik

      Hi Eric, thanks, I try to work on “Eternal Desire” …

  2. by vijay

    love all your movies,very very erotic,would love to see how u film paint and romanticise them
    th models r beautiful

  3. by Rob Crist

    awesome job!!!! like seeing the progression in your work, from the early shots to the latest. WONDERFUL, getting inside the artists eyes. The one series OMG – CHILLS on the one scene when the guy by himself, so isolated, so all alone after his run-in with the statues!!! BRAVO

  4. by Ben

    I love your work! Beautiful and erotic. Have you ever considered the effect of mixing semen with paint? The effect would be extraordinary!

  5. by joe

    Very exciting, can’t wait to see more

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